I tend to get the same types of questions often. So, I thought the best way to answer most of them in one shot would be a FAQ section. If the answers below do not answer your question, please feel free to visit my contact page.

General Questions:

  1. Where do you live? – I have lived in Las Vegas, NV consistently since February of 2000. It’s a small, big city and I love it. I do miss the beach though, as that is where I grew up.
  2. Will you travel for a photo shoot? – Sure. I love to travel. My rate is the same, but I do require travel expenses to be covered. For instance, plane tickets, rental car, hotel room, and per diem for food or other expenses.
  3. What is your rate? – I like to keep my rate structure simple. Regardless of the type of shoot I’m doing (event, portrait, convention), my rate is $200 per hour, with a two hour minimum. So, the lowest amount you’ll pay is $400 and it can go up from there.
  4. Do you have a day rate? – Unfortunately, I do not. If there is a gap in the day where I am not shooting for you, I’m still paid for my time, as I am unable to book anything else for that day.
  5. Do I get copies of the images? – Yes. You will receive a CD(s) with all the images from the shoot. The images are high resolution with ZERO editing done to them.
  6. Why don’t you edit the images? – Editing takes a tremendous amount of time. Most of my clients would prefer to have a quicker turn around time on getting the images. In order to do so, I leave the editing up to them.
  7. Do you do all types of photo shoots? – Almost. I don’t shoot weddings, children, or pets. But, I will shoot pretty much anything else requested. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact me.
  8. Do you post all your work on your website? – For the most part, yes. That is unless a client wishes me not to post the photos on my website. This would be the case, for example, if the shoot was private in nature.
  9. How do I book you for a shoot? – Simply contact me via my contact page describing what you’re looking for and your budget. I’ll respond with my schedule and price. I also require a 50% deposit to set the shoot date. Shoot dates must be set a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Should you cancel the shoot less than 2 weeks in advance, you will forfeit the deposit.

Event Shoot Questions:

  1. Do you shoot all kinds of events? – Yes and no. I have done many convention shoots, as I live in Las Vegas, and nightclub shoots for the same reason. I’m not a fan of shooting weddings, but have no issues with engagement photos.
  2. Will you be our convention booth photographer? – Of course. I get asked to do this most often at conventions. If you have big clients coming to your booth throughout the event, having a professional photographer on hand to capture the moment is priceless. These are great photos to add to your company newsletter.
  3. Our CEO goes from booth to booth and does talks at the convention. Can you do that kind of shoot? – Yes. In fact, I have a client that comes to Las Vegas every year and hires me to do just that. All you need to have is a badge for me, so that I can move freely in and around the convention space.
  4. Do you shoot parties? – Not a problem. From business retreats, New Years Eve, as well as bachelor/bachelorette parties, I have shot them all. Now, instead of the memories just in your head, you’ll have images of the festivities.
  5. I want you to follow me around Vegas and take photos of us as we go from place to place. Do you do that? – Yes I do. This is also a common request. Not having to worry about asking someone else to take your photo is great. The caveat is that I may not be able to shoot in all places, per the owner of the property, i.e. nightclubs. You would need their permission in advance.

Portrait Shoot Questions:

  1. How many hours is a typical portrait shoot? – Portrait shoots on average are 3-4 hours. But, depending on how many looks the model is interested in doing, they could go a lot longer.
  2. I’m looking to do a “revealing” photo shoot for my husband for our anniversary. Do you do that sort of thing? – Yes. In fact, this is a pretty common request, especially with 42 million people traveling to Las Vegas annually. Typically, these shoots take place in the client’s hotel room, as that is where they are most comfortable.
  3. Do you have a studio? – Yes I do. My studio is in my home.
  4. Do you have a hair and make up artist? – Yes, is name is Ric. He has been my photo shoot hair and make up artist for over 10 years. We work very well together.
  5. Do you have an age requirement for your shoots? – Most definitely. The person being photographed MUST be able to prove they are 18 years of age or older, regardless if the parent or guardian are present. As I mentioned above, I do not do children’s photo shoots.