Photos from Oscar G Spinning at Body English Nightclub

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Photos by © Jeremy Womack

Every detail of Body English screams decadence. Even in the restrooms, golden swans spit water into marble wash basins. For the ultimate rock star experience, you may want to reserve a table in one of the posh VIP booths in an area known as The Parlor. Every table is accompanied by plush red leather couches. However, The Parlor is not for everyone. Be sure to dress to impress and don’t forget your checkbook if you’re planning on getting into this reserved area of the club. Privacy glass is installed to ensure that the rich and famous can have their own secret corner of the club without being bothered by other patrons.

What’s great about Body English is that it’s open during the week, unlike many clubs in Las Vegas that are only open Friday-Sunday. This makes it a very popular place to check out on weekdays because it’s one of the only gigs in town.